Blue whale game is new monster born from the mind of psycho programmer in Russia. This game targets the people going through depression and invokes them to do harmful things to themselves. But the danger is not stopping here. The game is such a disaster that in last it makes the player kill themselves.

Now, this disease has reached to Bharat. Per day we listen some innocent kid killed by suicide or get caught trying to do suicide.
Even today we listen that a kid in Madhya Pradesh killed him by jumping infront of train.

These things creates anger and worry in my mind.

blue whale game
This games asks player to do some tasks at each level, and on successful task completion, player is allowed to enter the next level. There are 50 levels. But this game requires the proof of task completion. So the player has to upload the picture of task completion and after review of game admins (who no body knows who they are) player is promoted to next level.

These tasks include making wired shape on players body by cutting trough sharp blades or knifes. In the last they ask the player to do suicide by jumping off a tall building while taking video recording of that on there phones. Many teens jumped from tall building in foreign countries while taking video of themselves.

But, in case of Bharat, things are changed. There are not much tall buildings in Bharat, so the game admins have changed the rules. Here they ask for other things like hanging on fans, jumping in front of trains etc. It could be that there are some hidden game admins in Bharat, who are doing this. God knows when these psychos will get caught.

All we can do is to keep an eye on our kids and talk to them. If you find any sign of depression in your kids, then talk to them normally and try to make them happy by spending more time with them. If your kid is smart phone game addicted, then keep an eye on them.