In this article we are going to cover How much does Walmart’s fishing license cost, and how we can get fishing license online.

Fishing is an activity that is loved by lots of people, from children to elder people, all gender. It is also a fun activity that makes people spend some time in nature, because fishing can be done near any pond, river or in ocean.

To do fishing, a person needs fishing license. Its mandatory in US to have a fishing license before doing any kind of fishing. Failing to produce fishing license if asked can put a person in legal situation.

Now days you can easily buy a fishing license from Walmart and it will cost only between $10 to $40. The best part is that you can buy it online. Walmart has agreement with different state governments, that’s why they can issue fishing license on behalf of the government.

Why need a Fishing License?

In many countries fishing is free, as it was free from ancient times. Then why we need fishing license?

This licensing is because of precautions and prevent excessive abuse of aqua life. Fishing licenses are used to protect fish populations through some fishing regulations enforced by the Government. It also limit the number of fishes one can catch. If anyone illegally holds more than the limit, they can be reported to authorities as poachers and action will e taken against them.

How to Buy Fishing License from Walmart?

Purchasing fishing license from Walmart is very easy. You need to visit your nearest Walmart store and there you need to contact the adminstration and ask them for creating a new fishing license. They will ask for Photo ID and proof of your residency during form filling, so make sure you carry them with you.

This form that you will fill to get the fishing license will list all the terms and conditions, so do read them thoroughly. After that you can submit the form and pay the fee.

Walmart Fishing License Cost

The cost of license vary state wise. Below we have given the cost of some states.

StateLicensing cost
Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, New YorkAnnual License resident fee for ages 16-69 is $25.
Annual License resident fee for ages 16-70+ is $5.
The annual License nonresident fee is $50.
Lifetime License (for residents only) is $28.
Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, FloridaFreshwater Resident Annual is $17.
Freshwater Resident Five-Year is $79.
Freshwater Non-Resident Annual is $47.
Freshwater Non-Resident 3-Day is $17.
Freshwater Non-Resident 7-Day is $30.
Fishing Licenses in Walmart, PennsylvaniaResident Annual between the ages 16-64 is $22.90.
Senior Resident Annual for age above 65 is $11.90.
Senior Resident for Lifetime is $51.90.
Non-resident annual for above 16 years of age is $52.90.
3-day tourist is $26.90.
7-day tourist is $34.90.


That’s the most of the information that you will need to get a fishing license. Its a very easy to apply process and requires less documents and cost is also not very much.

Save aqua life and enjoy life.