When using Visual Studio, it gives option to see recent files and projects list. By default, it shows only 10 recent files and 10 recently opened projects or solutions. Although you can increase the recent files list from Tools->Options->Environment->General location in Visual Studio, but this option will not work if you want to see all projects or solutions list.

For that there is work around that involves seeing this file list in Registry Editor. This technique will work only on VS 2017 or later versions. VS 2017 and later versions no longer save these information directly in registry editor, instead they save it in a separate file called “privateregistry.bin” and we can view the contents of this file by loading it in Registry Editor.

The location of this file would be:

After you locate this file, now open Registry Editor. Select HKEY_USERS and the then click on File->Load Hive. This will open a file selector dialog box, select the previously located privateregistry.bin file, then when it asks for name, give it any thing you want, for example VS2017PrivateRegistry. This will add a new entry in HKEY_USERS with the name you just gave. Now we can go inside of this key to fetch our data, so in case you gave it name VS2017PrivateRegistry, then navigate to this location in Registry editor:


Registry Editor

Here the Offline key has the data of all the projects or solutions that was opened using Visual Studio. This data is in JSON format prefixed with a numeric number. To view whole data you will need to export this key and open it with any text editor that can display and pretty print JSON data.

To export this data, click on Offline Named key and then from menu select File->Export. Give this file any name and desired location and export it. After that open the exported file in any text editor, for example Notepad++.