Command line is one of the main operating system feature of Windows OS. In many cases there is no substitute for command line. Here are some very easy ways from which you can open command line window:

Open Command Line from Start menu:

If you are using the windows operating system with legendary Start menu, then click on Start menu button and in search box type “cmd” without quotes. It’ll show you cmd .exe in programs section. Click on it will open Command line window with file path of windows32 folder.

Open Command Line with Right Click Method:

In this method, You have to right click with holding shift button in windows file explorer. In the context menu you’ll get an option of “open command window here”. Select it and it’ll open command line window with the path of your current directory. In this way you don’t have to type command to navigate¬†to that directory.

Open Command Line from the Address bar of File explorer:

This is the super easy method. Just go to that directory in file explorer where you want to open command window. Now in the address bar type “cmd.” without quotes.

Type cmd. command in File explorer address bar

Type cmd. command in File explorer address bar


Command window open with cmd. command

Command window open with cmd. command

Now Open Command line anywhere

With the help of last two methods you can open command window for any file location easily. As in the above example we typed cmd. in the address bar of file explorer for file location of Program Files in C drive, and we get command line opened with the path of C drive Program Files folder.

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