Twitter is a famous platform for sharing and following news and thoughts. But some time people don’t like any tweet and wanna get rid of that. If you want to mute anyone’s tweet or block him , you can do following steps :

Twitter mute and bock
Mute : If you want to remove any tweet without unfollowing that person, you can use mute feature. Mute doesn’t mean blocking that person. Muted user can follow you and can send you messages. He/She can also reply on your tweets. If you are on web go to that person’s tweet. There you see a more option link in right of tweet. Click the more option . It’ll show you mute option. Click on mute  .  If you are using twitter app on android you can mute tweet using gear option.

Block : If anyone is doing spam or irritating you on twitter , you can block that person. After blocking that person can no more follow you on twitter or add your account. You can not see his/her tweets and same applies to that person. For blocking go to that person’s profile , Click on gear icon and then select block option. This will block that user and it’ll ask you reason for blocking that user in report. You can tell twitter about your problem and select a reason for blocking . For example : “This is spam account” or “This user is abusive”. If you select the ” abusive ” reason twitter will ask you to fill a form.