Are you thinking of creating infographic or motion text videos? Or are you thinking to create a new YouTube channel to show the world your creative side by creating cool infographic infotainment videos? If you are, then in this blog we will make your work some easy by reducing your search time for tools that you will need.

In this article we will show you what tools you will need to create some great motion graphic videos. These tools include image processing software, video animation software list.

Video creation tools

In order to make your videos, you will definitely need a video editing software which gives you ability to animate the text and images. Nowdays many video editor programs are available who gives you ability to create a new video project, define your animations, put some voice and music and export your videos directly in HD quality which can be viewed on different devices and YouTube too.

So here are the top choices of

1. Pawtoon

Pawtoon is the most famous infographic video creator solution. It gives you ability to create your scene art-board. It has tons of inbuilt animated characters which makes your work really easy. There are many templates available on which you can drag and drop different character and can create an awesome infographic video.


PawToon is available for free, but in free version it includes a watermark “created by pawtoon” in down right corner. 

2. Biteable

Biteable is another motion graphic video creator like PawToon. The software creators of this product call it “The World’s Simplest Video Maker” and after seeing it’s performance we think they are correct.

biteable video creator

With the free account you can create awesome videos with available resources. Although there will be a watermark of “created with bitable”, just like in PawToons. You can create HD videos and push them directly on YouTube.

3. After Effects

This is not worlds simplest video maker. It is the big giant in video makers, worlds most loved motion graphics video editors. Hugely used in movies and television ads. After effects has all thing available to create an awesome video, imagination is the only limit.

After effects interface

Learning After effects is somewhat time consuming, but it’s worth time to spend. After effects is not a free tool, but with cloud subscription you can get it in low price with access to lots of resources available on Adobe cloud.

Image Creation Tools

Images play key role in infographic videos. You can search on internet for stock images and use them in your video, but many times we need to create a new image from scratch which shows the creator’s original idea.

Following are some great tool for creating and editing images:

1. Photoshop

No body needs introduction of photoshop. This product rules the world of image creation, editing and processing. Used by industry standard people and in world’s top studios.


You can easily learn this tool and then again, imagination is the limit. It is not free but you can avail it in lower price from cloud subscription.

2. Gimp

Photoshop is not free, but that doesn’t stops creative people. Gimp is the open source, completely free substitution of Photoshop. You can create nearly most of the things that photoshop offers and it is used by many industry standard people.


If you are tight on budget, then surely go for Gimp and learn it.

3. Canva

Photoshop and Gimp are tools that need to be installed on user’s computer. Canva is an online tool which offers image creation and editing. It includes tons of templates, styles and images for your quick image creativity. Ideal for creating infographic images or blog images. We at uses this tool a lot and love it.

Imagination is the limit

With these tools, all you need is to let your imagination bird fly free in the sky, or you can fly it in universe, no limits. We found above listed tools really very helpful in per day working on projects. If you have anyone other than these your favorite and you think that they are equal or best then these tools, then let us know in comments below. You feedback will be most loved.