Earlier this year LG released it’s new G5 series smartphone with one brand new concept in smartphones – modular design. This design gave users freedom to to add or remove modules according to there use like adding advanced camera controls, improved speakers and 360 degree camera.

LG G6 going to drop modular design

However in the market the device didn’t sell well and that is forcing the manufacturer to revert back to the old standard smartphone design. Electronics Times of Korea reported that LG G6 smartphones will have the old standard smartphone design due to selling performance of G5.

Why this modular design didn’t sell well. Well, this design concept was vary promising for us and many reviewers but from the average buyer view it was like spending extra for these add-ons. Also these modules were fairly pricey, costing about $200 each for some of these modules.

At the same time it is said LG is worried because of ditching the modular design, will lost trust of customers and devices used with G5 will become useless for G6.