If you are a website designer then you must understand the importance of typography.it’s no more mid 90’s when webpage were ugly. More attractive webpage – more people visit. Selecting appropriate font makes your website much more attractive.Many designer use other websites as a reference for their design. There are thousands of fonts on web and remembering their name and how they look is not easy. So if you are viewing a website and want to know which font is used, it’s very easy. Now you can easily identify the fonts used on other website. Fount is such a tool which helps in recognizing the font name , family and style on websites.

Process is very simple. Go to Fount website. Websites homepage provides a button which you have to drag to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Now after adding button to bookmarks bar open any website. Now click on your Fount bookmarklet. Your cursor will turn into big Plus sign. Click on any text on website whose font you want to identify and it will show font name, size, weight and style. Now if you want to came out of font recognition mode just click the Fount bookmarklet again. Fount works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 and higher.