It might sounds funny but it’s true. Some Arnold Schwarzenegger fans are developing a computer programming language with syntax that are based on famous one liners of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This language commands are the famous iconic words from the bodybuilder Austrian-tinged voice actor.

ArnoldC Programming language on Arnold Schwarzenegger

The syntax of the language is so interesting that anyone can learn it in just one attempt. For example, declaring the main method i.e. BeginMain is IT’S SHOWTIME . Similarly EndMethod is YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED. ¬†You can set the variable with GET TO THE CHOPPER and set the value by HERE IS MY INVITATION. Wired thing about this language is that syntax for parse error is WHAT THE F**K DID I DO WRONG. Well it’s probably sure that schools and colleges are not going to include this language in their syllabus.

you can download it from GitHub.